Tyre and Wheel Selectors

Tyre & Wheel Selectors

With MyTyreSite you’re always up to date. MyTyreSite’s tyre and wheel selector system uses Australia’s most comprehensive and up to date vehicle list, which is updated daily & includes over 27,000 Australian vehicle models.

MyTyreSite offer product catalogues from all the major tyre companies including all technical data and imagery, we then match theses product files with our vehicle database to provide your web site with a fully maintained & up-to-date tyre and wheel selector. This means your website is always up to date with the latest products.

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Tyre Selector

Customers can search by brand, tyre size, or enter their specific make, year, model and series to search the tyres you provide and find exactly what fits their car. Once they’ve found it, they can send you an enquiry to kick off the sales process and you’ll have all the details at your fingertips.

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Wheel Selector

Wait till you see this! We’ve got one of the fanciest wheel selectors available, and you could have it on your website. Change the colour of the car, lower it, select the wheels, then fire through an enquiry. Enquiries come through to you with full details on exactly what wheels the customer was looking at and their vehicle type.