A Bit About Us

“We’re taking Australia’s best tyre & wheel database, mating it with Search Engine Optimisation and web development best practices, and offering the offspring at a great price to independent and chain tyre and wheel retailers.”

- Chris Podesta, Director, MyTyreSite

MyTyreSite is powered by a group of digital fanatics, who are based out of two offices, one is based in Somersby, NSW, while the other is in Hobart, Tasmania. We’re backed by tyre industry experience spanning 20 years, plus access to a database featuring information on over 27,000 Australian vehicles (every one since 1995) and even images of those vehicles back to 2000.

We’ve also got a team of developers on board who stay up to date with the rapidly changing online world, with a big focus on SEO, accessibility and best practices.

Finally, our digital marketing experts have been in the business since before Facebook (I know, right?!) and have advised small businesses in a huge variety of industries about how to achieve success in the online world.

When you come on board with MyTyreSite we consider you to be a member of our community. Not only do you get a great website, but you’ll also get access to further training, offers and industry development opportunities.